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Re: XFree86 on mips cleanup patch

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 09:38:13PM +0200, Guido Guenther wrote:
> the attached patch removes some previous workarounds by adding proper
> functions to compiler.h for mips(el). This obsoletes the disabling of
> the ati driver on mips(351) and the int10 module(350) on mipsel as well
> as the mem_barrier patch(353). I've also attached the newport range fix
> for completeness - both are against pre5. So these should be the only
> patches needed to get XFree86 going on mips/mipsel for now.

Thanks a lot!  I have applied these to pre7, which is building now and
(hopefully) also contains a fix for those architectures that must have PIC
symbols in static objects.

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