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Re: FYI: 4.1.0-0pre1v5 vs DRM vs linux 2.4.7

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>> "Mike A. Harris" <mharris@redhat.com> writes:

 > >Basically the DRM modules in 4.1.0 are not in sync with 2.4.7.  I
 > THis is correct. 4.1.0 DRM and 4.0.3 are not compatible, and

 I didn't mean that.  What I meant is that, according to the messages I
 attached, the DRM sources in the 2.4.7 *kernel* tree are not the same
 as those in the 4.1.0 *X server* tree.  Since the X server (more
 precisely, the DRI modules) expect a specific version of the DRM
 interface, compiling the DRM support from the kernel insn't enough to
 get a working DRI setup (déjà vu)

 But Mike is right, the old modules are also useless, too.  I wish we
 had a way to express this via dependencies, but I don't see a simple
 way of doing that given the variables involved.
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