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Thinkpad 240 & XFree86 4.0

I noticed your posting regarding problems with XFree86 4.0 locking up
on your Thinkpad 240, and spent the last five hours coming up with an
ad-hoc solution.  I have no idea what the problem is, but the
following appears to be a minimal set of accelerations to disable to
keep the server from hanging:  (Yaay, binary search!)

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD"
        Driver          "neomagic"
        VideoRam        2048
        Option          "XaaNoScreenToScreenCopy"
        Option          "XaaNoSolidFillRect"
        Option          "XaaNoScanlineImageWriteRect"
        Option          "XaaNoScanlineCPUToScreenColorExpandFill"

The server is still reasonably fast without these, so it's certainly a
better solution than NoAccel. =)  However, it would still be nice to
find the root cause of these errors.

I have copied the Debian X mailing list, but am not a participant.  I
will monitor the archies for the next few days, or you can email me
directly if you have any new information or comments.  I'd like to get
this nailed down before the XFree86 team forgets about my obsolete
laptop. =)


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