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Re: Standard set of X-fonts?

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 05:18:33PM +0100, Mantas wrote:
> I agree with Nobbi. When I probe install Progeny Debian Linux 
> distribution in Lithuanian school and got many problems with fonts in 
> ISO-8859-13 encoding (ISO-8859-13 is standart Baltic enconding), because 
> there are no standart linux fonts in ISO-8859-13 encoding. Win32 has 
> standart fonts (Times, Courier, etc.) with Baltic symbols. I think 
> Xfree86 must have standart fonts in ALL needed encodings (ISO-8859-xx, 
> KOI8-R, etc.) like Win32.

Actually, encodings are the least problem of it all: The X-guys are already 
working hard on that, in Xfree4.0, most standard encodings are already well 
supported, and that whole movement will probably not need any additional boost 
from the Debian side.

What I worry about much more is the absolutely chaotic collection of different 
font sizes and styles that come with the X distribution. That collection has 
obviously grown historically and because of the mechanism for font-selection in 
X, even the most ugly ones (like -sony-fixed-... and others) creep in once in a 

The goal we should set would be less to construct more fonts (that's just plain 
work for someone who has the time for it) but to find a overall structure for 
what we have.

The additional benefit we could have would be the easy substitutability of the 
fonts in use. The applications would only refer to a clearly defined set of 
XLFDs which then are aliases to actual fonts. There would be one font set 
provided by default, but one could simply create a complete alternative set and 
change the look of *all* applications in an absolutly simple way.

(Of course, matters of encoding will have to be covered as well, but I do not 
have much experience in that matter myself, so I cannot estimate yet what would 
be needed for a clean solution here)

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