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Re: XF4.0.2 + Rage128 PRO + kernel INPUT layer == Mouse problem

Sean Borman wrote:

> I just installed XF4.0.2 from the unstable debian packages.  I am
> experiencing completely erratic mouse lockup shortly after starting X.
> Reading debian-x archives turned up one similar case where someone
> mentioned that this may be related to the new kernel input layer.
> grep on the kernel config file shows that this has been installed (as
> modules I think).  I am running the stock potato kernel 2.2.18pre21.
> With the new input layer, how does one set up the mouse to work
> properly in X?  The earlier poster solved the problem with a kernel
> recompile which (presumably) did not include the new input layer code so
> the old interface worked fine.

Read linux/Documentation/usb/input.txt . The main site about the new input
layer is at http://www.suse.cz/development/input/index.html#documentation .


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