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XF4.0.2 + Rage128 PRO + kernel INPUT layer == Mouse problem


I just installed XF4.0.2 from the unstable debian packages.  I am
experiencing completely erratic mouse lockup shortly after starting X.

Reading debian-x archives turned up one similar case where someone
mentioned that this may be related to the new kernel input layer.
grep on the kernel config file shows that this has been installed (as
modules I think).  I am running the stock potato kernel 2.2.18pre21.

With the new input layer, how does one set up the mouse to work
properly in X?  The earlier poster solved the problem with a kernel
recompile which (presumably) did not include the new input layer code so
the old interface worked fine.

Any ideas? References?

Many thanks,


PS: On installing potato the support for the Rage128 PRO is a disaster.
    A newbie would have no chance in hell of making this work.


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