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[stupid question warning] kernel atyfb & XF86 4.0 ati driver ?

Did anybody here ever (succesfully) try to get the combination
of the atyfb driver and the XFree86 4.0.x ati driver to work 
properly ?

I'm using the lastest (-11) packages and the most current kernel
(2.4.0-test12) on an2 year old laptop with an Mach64 Rage Pro LT

The xserver comes up just fine, it detects the hardware properly 
as far as I can see however somtimes the drawing routines seem
not to work which results in some (but not all !) missing or 
distorted buttons and menus etc.
I'd prefer to continue using the atyfb instead of the 
vesafb on the kernel side since it makes things like 
scrolling on the console so much faster.

If somebody wants to take a look at the startup log
and config files I can mail them directly, I just don't
want to burden all reading the list with it.


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