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Re: [bruce@perens.com: user not authorized to run the X server]

On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 11:45:10AM -0800, Bruce Perens wrote:
> From: Joshua Shagam <joshagam@cs.nmsu.edu>
> > Hey Bruce, are you really such a newbie that you can't read the list
> > archives? ;)
> Well, you read the archives with a web browser, and my web browser happens
> to run under the x server that I'm not authorized to run right now. You want
> me to use LYNX???? Eeeeeeewwwwwww!

That's what w3m is for. :)

> Actually, I read the archives about a week ago when this first popped up, and
> didn't find the answer.

When I had these problems (I wasn't paying attention when it came up the
first time) it took me a while to find the exact thread which answers it.
You want to do dpkg --reconfigure xfree86-common.

> So, for the moment, I made XFree86 setuid-root and started it by hand, and
> then started the window manager and the panel. But since I'm demonstrating
> this system to two vice-presidents of HP in the near future, and I'm writing
> an article for ZDNet on why Free Software is so cool today, you folks could
> be nice and save me some searching.

ZDNet?  Wow, good thing I don't read Slashdot anymore, or I'd have to
consider flaming you for that. :)

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