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tdfx_dri.so missing?


I read the !README! file over and over again, subscribed to this
mailing list, searched through Brandons web page and still can´t find
an answer to the following problem:

First let me tell you that I got XFree4.01 installed from source
(using the current CVS version) and everything works wonderful on my
Voodoo3. Even 3D support works like a charm. I installed XFree4 to
/usr/local so it does not mess up with my current XFree3.3.6 Debian

Today I finally decided to try out Brandons phase18
packages. Installation went fine so far. I am left with some
dependency problems (libxpm4g seems to have merged with xlib6g now,
I guess "equivs" will help me out here), but I cannot find the DRI
driver for my Voodoo card.

It should be placed in "../lib/modules/dri/tdfx_dri.so" along with the
other DRI drivers. All of them get installed by Brandons xserver
package, just tdfx_dri is missing. I looked at Brandons file manifest
(http://www.debian.org/~branden/MANIFEST) and voila, tdfx_dri is
missing there too.

I wonder if there is a special reason to that?


Martin Koch nagilum@studserv.uni-stuttgart.de

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