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Re: /etc/init.d/xfs from phase1-v16 hangs my system

"Thomas E. Vaughan" <vaughan@tensor.nssl.noaa.gov> writes:

> I was able to fix it by booting from an old rescue disk and following the
> standard install procedure through the root disk but bailing out to a spare
> tty as soon as possible.  Then I used ae to stick a line with 'exit 0' near
> the top of /etc/init.d/xfs.  After I rebooted, then I removed the xfs
> package.  Now everything is OK.

Couldn't you boot to single user? On my setup, which I think is
normal, xfs doesn't start until runlevel 2...

It looks like I have the problem as well. A slightly more useful fix
is to add --background to the start-stop-daemon line of the start

A possibly better ( if the start-stop-daemon man page's opinion of
--background is to be respected) thing to do is to make a wrapper that
forks and returns an error code if it exits in a small amount of time
(e.g. 1 sec) otherwise returns 0. I'm not sure my /bin/sh is up to
that tonight, and since we don't want to depend on perl for a wrapper,
so I'll just leave that as a suggestion... Another option would be to
add a --detatch or some such to xfs itself, since it doesn't seem to
have one.


				- M

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