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Re: rman revisited

>> Branden Robinson <branden@deadbeast.net> writes:

 > Just a quick heads up; there doesn't seem to be any compelling
 > reason to ship the rman program with XFree86 4.0, so as of
 > phase1v10 (now available) I'm not doing it.

 A side note...

 I get this with a Makefile freshly generated from a Imakefile:

 [42 ysabell:~/.../login.app-1.2.1] grep -i all:: Makefile
 all:: Login.app
 all:: Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX).html

 and the rule to generate Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX).html looks like this:

 Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX).html: Login.app.man
         $(RM) Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX).html Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX)-html
         $(RMAN) $(RMANOPTIONS) < Login.app.man >
         Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX)-html &&\        $(MV)
         Login.app.$(MANSUFFIX)-html $@

 and since there's no Login.app.man, the compilation breaks.  (If you
 want to test this yourself, apt-get source login.app)

 > It appears simply to be used by the XFree86 build process to
 > generate HTML pages from nroff manual pages.

 And yet another side note...

 [44 ysabell:/usr/share/doc/xbase-clients] ls | grep -v \.html

 [45 ysabell:/usr/share/doc/xbase-clients] du
 784     .

 Or put in another way...

 [46 ysabell:/usr/share/doc/xbase-clients] for pkg in \
     $(grep-status -F Version 4.0.1-0phase1v10 | \
     grep-dctrl -F Status -s Package installed | \
     cut -d : -f 2 ) ; do dlocate -L $pkg | grep \.html\$ ; done | \
     xargs du --bytes | cut -f 1 | perl -ne '$s+=$_; END { print $s }'

 (I know, 4+ MB is laughable if I consider that the whole of the
 packages adds up to 152 MB...)


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