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Re: XFree86 4.0.1 and app-defaults

On Tue, Aug 01, 2000 at 10:12:27AM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> Why don't you just tell that XF4 will recognize
> etc/X11/XF86Config-4 before etc/X11/XF86Config ? it would have informed me of
> my error in far less words.

But it would not have reinforced the desirable behavior of Reading The
F'ing Manual.

> > How about learning to distinguish between servers and clients?
> Because you maintain a package that is composed of the server, some clients
> and the lib, and all get installed at the same time upstream ?

Gosh, that's an excellent reason.  Because distinct components are shipped
together, they should be regarded as indistinguishable.

> I do know how the Xfree system works, and know the difference between the
> client and the server and the lib, maybe i am not as familiar as yourself with
> all the small details. 

I don't have a command of many small details at all.  I have a competent
grasp of some very basic fundamentals.

> That said, it is strange to me that you accuse me of acuusing you of being
> incompetent, while you are accusing me of the exact same thing. 

I don't accuse you of any such thing; I think your words speak for

> But then i know that since my attempt to get a working xfree package for ppc
> in january 99, you don't like me ...

Despite your best efforts to argue with me instead of contributing
meaninfully, we have had working XFree86 .debs for PowerPC for quite a

> Ok, but upstream needs to handle more legacy stuff than we, don't they ?

I don't think this is the case, or even obvious one way or the other.

Let's worry about the existing, concrete problems rather than

> Well, i inform you of what i noticed when i did compile XF4 from upstream
> source, but you tell me it is uninterresting. 

Compiling your own XFree86 binaries is no substitute for testing the
packages I have put together.

> And you don't asked me to test your XF4 debian packages, you don't want to,
> you don't even informed me that they existed, how can you expect that kind of
> report from me ?

I made an announcement to the debian-x mailing list.  You have a recurring
theme in your career as a Debian developer of expecting people to bring
things to your attention.  Our mailing lists are opt-in resources.  You
want to know about it, you've got to sign up.

> That said, you do know that lot of stuff is configured in the config/cf files,

No, really?  In 2.5 years of packaging XFree86 somehow this fundamental
issue escaped my attention[1].

> isn't it, are you aware of the _don't install outside of $ProjectRoot_ flag
> for example ? 

I was aware of it, and we don't want it set.  We *want* things in /etc/X11.

> Ok, i will give more precise in my reports in the future, and i hope that you
> will be less agressive, insulting and arrogant in your replies.

If you don't succeed in the former, I doubt I will succeed in the latter.
I do expect you to, for instance, read the manpages from time to time.

> Not that you don't know how, as shown in your recent smooth and honeyy
> report about the lucidux fonts on the xfree mailing list.

I'm courteous to people deserving of courtesy.  That is the default state
with which I regard unknown people.  But I don't forget you simply because
you refrain from pestering me for a few weeks.

> That said, why don't you just ship them in non-free ?

I feel no compulsion to support non-free software with my unpaid volunteer
effort.  (Nor with my paid labor at Progeny, which is a Free Software
company.  If imurdock asks me to do so I will, but I don't think he will.
I have already brought the non-free fonts to his attention.)

> I know you don't like non-free, but that is what non-free is for, and
> would stop Richard Wackerbart's argument immediately.

We probably shouldn't discuss the contents of a private mailing list
(xfree86-devel) on public ones.

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