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Re: permissions on /tmp/.X11-unix

>> Christian Hammers <ch@westend.com> writes:

 > After upgrading to X4.0 (well done Brandon)

 uh-oh.  The name is Branden, not Brandon.

 > I always get the warning "insecure permission/ownership on
 > /tmp/.X11-unix" when starting gdm.  After chown'ing from root:gdm
 > to root:root it works. Is this a problem with the new X or with the
 > new gdm? (I don't know who creates this dir in /tmp)

 My best recommentation would be "upgrade to the lastest available
 debs".  These debs are for testing purposes and uncovering bugs.
 Braden gets mightly pissed off (and rightly so) if he gets duplicate
 or it's-already-fixed kind of reports, which is the case now.

 Solution in the short run: chmod g+s /usr/X11R6/bin/X


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