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Re: xfs-xtt stopped on upgrade, XF86_S3 at 50-70% CPU


xfs-xtt looks in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType for its *.ttf fonts (at
least by default).

(1) Be sure you put your fonts there.
(2) Be sure there is a file `fonts.dir' there.
(3) Since many *.ttf fonts have broken header information (people are
lazy, I guess), you might want to give mkttfdir these options (which also
gives oblique variants): -e -o
(4) Insure that xfs-xtt is referenced by your XF86Config file (ordinarily
in /etc/X11). To use UNIX domain sockets, a FontPath line would look like:

  FontPath "unix/:7100"

...if you use port 7100/tcp for xfs-xtt; don't ask me why they did it this
way. To use TCP/IP to reach the font server (for which you must enable
listening in /etc/X11/xfs/config first), add a line something like this:

  FontPath "tcp/hostname:port"

Hostname is, obviously, the hostname or IP address of the font server. The
port is the port number (usually 7100) on which the font server is

(5) If all else fails (and you reach this step), try reinstalling (dpkg
--purge xfs-xtt) the package to restore its default (and
sane) configuration.



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On 4 Jul 2000, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

> >>>>> "Taketoshi" == Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp> writes:
>     Taketoshi> Today, I happenly found the work-around for this problem.
>     Taketoshi> Try the steps below after stopping/restarting the xfs-xtt:
>     Taketoshi>  1) xset -fp <font path for xfs>
>     Taketoshi>      (if you use unix socket, then "xset -fp 'unix/:7100'")
>     Taketoshi>  2) xset fp default
>     Taketoshi> It seems that Xserver can re-open the connection to the font server
>     Taketoshi> using these steps on my system.
>     Taketoshi> I don't know how we can use this information to fix the bugs, 
>     Taketoshi> but I think this will help some users to work-around this problem.
>  I had `xfs-xtt' shut off for quite some time now, but yesterday,
>  started it up again to see if I could use some new ttf fonts I
>  downloaded from the TrueTeX site.
>  I cannot get it working now, and do not know why.  I finally located
>  `mkttfdir' and installed it, but that didn't make the ttf fonts show
>  up in `gfontsel'.
>  What are the steps to getting truetype fonts installed, please?
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