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Re: xfree86-1_3.3.4 now compiles on powerpc, mach64 mess fixed, patch included.

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 02:17:43PM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > 
> > As I said before commenting that out will break sparc, please add "#ifdef
> > __sparc__" around the function instead.
> Huh ???
> Ok, but it makes no sense to have regwbe for sparc in mach64im.c, and having
> regw,regr and regwbe for other archs in regmach64.h.
> NOt sure if it is the right place, since the functions will be copied over all
> files that includes regmach64.h, maybe they are not counted, because they are
> inlined function anyway.
> Anyway, i made a patch that lets me compile 3.3.5 on ppc, and should be ok for
> sparc also. Please check it, and if i made a mistake, correct it on the patch,
> instead of saying it don't compile on sparc and thus should be rejected. I
> understand that sparc is in stable and powerpc not, but that is not a
> constructive way of handling things.

I never said it needed to be rejected, I just said add #if's around it, which was
contructive and solved both problems. You cannot have it in regmach64.h even with
the #if's around it for sparc, I tried it and it wont pick it up for some reason.

Please just have it to where it stays in mach64im.c with #ifdef __sparc__ around


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