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Salsa commit access request

[somehow I was under the impression I already contacted you about this, 
but can't find anything in my archive]

Dear Debian Webmaster Team,

Please be so kind and approve commit access for me (@amp on Salsa, 
amp-guest on Alioth), as translator for Romanian.

Please note there is no translation coordinator for me to contact as it 
seems I am the only active translator for Romanian at the moment and 
consequently de-facto also the coordinator.


In case it helps, I already had commit access when the website was 
hosted in CVS (also as 'amp' as far as I recall), but I probably lost 
that following the transition to git / Salsa.

In the past I also contributed to some other parts of the site (e.g. 
/consultants) and I might get around to do that again (I'm still in the 
alias list for consultants@).

Kind regards,

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