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Complete Website Revamp

Hello Debian Team,

I am Arpit Patidar, the founder and Chief Operating Officer of MarsX

I have recently switched from Ubuntu to Debian and I love it. Its great. but I noticed that the website look hasn't been updated in ages and it looks pretty much outdated.

And so, I would like to propose a complete revamp of website where we switch from wml to advanced frontend frameworks like Vue/React.js. coz I think there is literally a huge community of debian and the website now needs an update.

with the help of community we can update the entire site in 2-3 months. so, I guess we should ask the community about the website revamp.


Also, if you guys need my help then I would love to help the team out with the frontend.

Waiting for your response.

Arpit Patidar

Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MarsX

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