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Re: Who's using Debian?

On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 04:58:38PM +0100, Bartosz Machnik Sitte.pl wrote:
> 1. Company name:
>    Advertising agency Sitte.pl, Lublin, Poland
> 2. type of organization: company, commercial organization
> 3. /url: https://sitte.pl/
> 4. Our company uses Debian on two dedicated servers and three VPSs.
>    These are used for commercial purposes, mainly to maintain hosting
>    for our clients' sites. Mainly it is Apache server (PHP + MySQL). A
>    few dedicated solutions.
>    The biggest advantage for us is the stability of the environment and
>    high compatibility with many public libraries.

I'm not seeing the typical HTTP Server response header for Debian:

    Server: Apache/[version] (Debian)

...but instead get a generic one for Apache:

    $ curl -sSL -D - https://sitte.pl/ -o /dev/null | grep "^Server: "
    Server: Apache

Would you mind pointing us to a way to verify that you're using Debian?


Ryan N

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