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Re: Who's using Debian

On Tue, Feb 09, 2021 at 11:21:39AM -0600, Herbie wrote:
> 1.  Articulate Labs, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
> 2.  commercial
> 3.  www.articulatelabs.tech
> 4.  All workstations/servers used for electronic hardware, software, and
> data analysis are under Debian, using OpenVPN connectivity.  Four
> workstations run gEDA (schematic capture / PCB design), binutils (GNU
> baremetal toolchains), Inkscape (graphic generation for authoring patents),
> USBDM (background-mode hardware/software CPU interface), Saleae Logic
> Analyzer (USB circuit analyzer), and Bluez (BT development under bash
> scripts).   Three Rasberry OS boxes run Bluez stacks under bash scripting
> for data BT data collection.  One server runs Matlab, Octave, and Mokka
> (human kinematic visualization) with tightvnc interface. One server runs a
> LAMP stack.  One server running Subversion, postfix, and courier is being
> migrated from Ubuntu to Debian. Debian bridges the gap between terminal and
> GUI users far better and is much more stable than its competitors.

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