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Re: Debian artwork Bullseye - not allowed ?


On Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 4:23 PM Steve McIntyre <93sam@debian.org> wrote:
> Please mail wiki@debian.org with details of your IP address and we can
> help.

FWIW, we might want to figure out a better solution here, maybe? :)

There are a lot of people who face this problem. Some (thankfully!)
care enough to drop in a mail or raise an issue (for example,
Others might just drop the idea of dropping mails, chasing people for
getting access to the wiki.
(which in the first place should have been accessible!)

Maybe we want to figure out some better alternative/approach to this problem?
(Of course, I am not saying the wiki admins aren't doing a good job,
they are! Thank you, wiki team, for all your work that you do! \o/)
But what I want to convey is that there are lots of people who face
this problem and just turn away from accessing or using the wiki and
never look back. And it's a bit...upsetting :(

[1]: https://github.com/utkarsh2102/rubocop-packaging/issues/9

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