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Re: Debian artwork Bullseye - not allowed ?

On Vi, 14 aug 20, 09:54:12, JCZ wrote:
> Hello dear Debian team,
> This morning, I tried to create an account there:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktop/Artwork/Bullseye?action=newaccount
> Because I would like to participate to Debian artwork for Bullseye...
> I encode my information, but after that, I get this message:
> "Forbidden
> <p>You are not allowed to access this!</p>"
> After I get this error message, I tried a second time with a VPN to connect
> back to the website and it works fine... Maybe I am "blacklisted/banned" ?
> (I don't know why) Or maybe it is a bug?

As far as I know certain IP addresses could be banned if they were used 
by spammers in the past.

> Could someone help me to understand what happens?
> Could we fix that and create an account to let me participate to Debian
> artwork for Bullseye? (and let me back access to this website)
> If you need more information about me, let me know.
> If you are not the right team concerning this request, please, let me know
> who I have to contact.

Such issues are usually dealt with by the -www team (in Cc).

Kind regards,

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