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Bug#924172: www.debian.org: differences under english/ between builds in stretch and buster

Hi all
Sorry for the long delay to come back to this.

I have tested the workaround proposed by Cyril:


and arrived to the same conclusions:

* It makes no difference (and thus no harm) when applied in stretch
* In buster, it builds correctly the sitemaps, with no references to
"../english" paths (I tested Spanish and English, and the Spanish
translation seemed also to be complete).

OTOH, now that wml 2.28.0 is packaged in testing (thanks Axel and
Shlomi!), I have installed wml and slice from testing in my buster box,
and tried to build, and found that sitemap.en.html cannot be built (See
error below. But just for the curious, because I think our way to go is
to integrate Cyril's workaround, and with the patch, the files build
correctly with wml 2.28.0).

So I think it's good to accept it and unblock this way the upgrade to
buster of www-master. Later we can file bugs for the not-complete

Kind regards,
Laura Arjona Reina

--- Error when building sitemap.en.html in a buster machine, but with
wml and slice 2.28.0 (from testing) -- Just for the record, because
we'll use another workaround

wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2020 -o UNDEFuEN:sitemap.en.html@g+w   -D
CHARSET=utf-8 \
ePerl:Error: Perl runtime error (interpreter rc=2)

---- Contents of STDERR channel: ---------
couldn't open ./../index.wml or
/home/larjona/Documentos/debian/www/webwml/english/../index.wml: No such
file or directory
Died at /tmp/0uDhaUPMnJ/wml.tmp1 line 750.
** WML:Break: Error in Pass 3 (rc=1).
Died at /usr/share/wml/TheWML/Frontends/Wml/Runner.pm line 402.

3, SCALAR(0x56397544aaf0), REF(0x56397544aac0), REF(0x56397544aad8))
called at /usr/share/wml/TheWML/Frontends/Wml/Runner.pm line 440

called at /usr/share/wml/TheWML/Frontends/Wml/Runner.pm line 727

called at /usr/share/wml/TheWML/Frontends/Wml/Runner.pm line 932

HASH(0x56397543aed0)) called at /usr/bin/wml line 47
make: *** [Makefile:56: sitemap.en.html] Error 2

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