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Re: (ko) Apply for webwml write access


El 24/3/20 a las 5:57, 황병희 escribió:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm Korean translator. In Korean team, we need more reviewer and
> committor for webwml. So i would like to recommend one man. The name is
> Seunghun Han. He is for long time Linux user. Also he  has contributed
> to Linux Kernel with security patches. For now he is giving Korean team
> "Big Thanks" with translating in Debian. Day by day, i am happy to work
> with him. He works hard translating in Debian. 
> It would be greatly appreciated if you could grant him(Seunghun) the
> write access to the webwml repository.
> Seunghun's account in Salsa is @kkamagui-guest ;;;
Added, thanks!--
Laura Arjona Reina

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