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Re: Bug#952826: [www.debian.org] partners: convert svg graphics into png to make tidy happy


Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@t-online.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 01.03.20 um 02:02 schrieb Ricardo:
> > Hello,
> > images in svg are the source. Would be better to store in svg format
> > and convert to png in build time. Are there only external companies
> > logos in repository, or are there some images that we may change in
> > the future? If we will not resize the images or change them in other
> > way, then I think it would be viable to convert and store them to png
> > format.
> it's absolutely fine to use SVG graphics in recent days and if ever
> possible we should use them natively. The world is using more and more
> HTML5!
> The Debian websites due mostly heavily lack on a mobile friendly face.
> To get this working we will need graphics that scale smoothly and please
> no special hacks within the HTML source to solve various demands. SVG
> graphics are solving this specific need perfectly.
> > If choose to convert them, as far as I know, we need to install a
> > software in the build container and it takes some time. Maybe there is
> > one container with the required software or the build process is made
> > in other way. Store only the svg would make thinks more organized and
> > easy to edit.
> This turns more into a chicken egg problem in a longer view, or in my
> eyes, we should solve problems on the ride side or more correctly.
> Means, we need a strategy how the websites should evolve within the next
> five years for example.
> The Debian website is growing every day and by this the load and time to
> build the whole website is also growing constantly. At one day we need
> to think about this circumstance.
> We currently using still DTD HTML 4.01 Strict for the websites and not
> something more up to date, but this has of course some reason.
> [snip]
> > 2020-02-29 19:33 GMT-03:00, Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>:
> >> Package: www.debian.org
> >>
> >> As tidy constantly complains about
> >>
> >> *** /srv/www.debian.org/www/partners/2018/index.en.html
> >> line 159 column 3 - Warning: <img> attribute "width" has invalid value "height="
> >> line 255 column 3 - Warning: <img> attribute "width" has invalid value "height="
> ...
> >> which is all about width/height information in svg graphics:
> >>
> >> what about converting the relevant images (google.svg and
> >> stackpack-logo-reversed.svg)
> >> into some other format, like png?
> This would be a workaround in my eyes instead of solving the root of the
> problem.
> How can I run this tidy thing locally so I can try to narrow down the issue?
> >> Please excuse my ignorance, I have no detailed knowledge on vector
> >> graphics:
> >> maybe there is a reason why we should use svg there.
> >> However, png is widely used in the partners section...
> I'd like to see we do not convert SVG to PNG here because this is a step
> back in my eyes, especially as we need to take the advantage of getting
> all sites mobile ready one day and this shouldn't be done by graphics
> and logos with some other formats than SVG as this will always result in
> higher data rates to transfer.

In the long term, this sounds reasonable.
But currently there are 2 svg graphics, the other 29 are png.
So for now, the svgs could be moved in a subdir 'svg' to be accessible
for when the day comes.
And in the meantime we would at least be consistent on png - and tidy-happy.
(of course, fixing tidy would be the better way to go!)


Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org>
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