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Re: Why is wiki.debian.org forbidden for me ?

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 3:36 PM Jörg Müller wrote:

> my name is Joerg Mueller, since many years my favorite Linux
> Distribution is Debian. Most of all PC's and Notebooks in our house work
> with Debian. For a while - when I'm searching for help from
> wiki.debian.org, I only get the message, "Forbidden".
> When I call that page from My Smartphone, I can see it. It seems, that
> something from our in-house network is wrong. I would like to find this
> fault and correct it. There is much of knowledge, I can not see because
> of this fault. Could you please help me to find it.

This means your public IP address or your network or ISP got onto the
wiki's IP banlist. Unfortunately the wiki software doesn't yet allow
to separate bans on editing from bans on reading. We will need your
public IP address in order to investigate. If you prefer not to reveal
that in public, you can send it to wiki@debian.org.



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