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Feedback on new web pages

Dear Debian team,

I would like to provide my personal feedback on/feeling about the new web
Let me state that I am a rather traditionalist and I browse almost exclusively
using desktop PC.

I understand that these pages may be easier to browse while using mobile

Unfortunately, most of the information is now hidden and requires searching
it, more mouse-clicks/loading more pages.
>From this point of view, they are significantly less effective.

The "streamlined" design is 

I know one cannot stop the changes, but I would strongly like to encourage you
to keep the old design alive in parallel so that it is easy to switch to the -
IMHO - much more usable old design when one wishes to do so.

I have read some comments on a not-only-Linux news web-pages (in Czech)
and the users have expressed similar concerns/opinions, e.g.

translates to:
"Hm, this is exactly the type of web-pages that I always leave because they are
not well-arranged and they give a little sense at first sight."

I agree with that comment as I often turn to www-search in order to find the
information I need when I encounter similar web-pages.
This typically happens if I need to find some information related to

1) The exclamation marks are not necessary, they are distracting and forced.
2) I would prefer that the top-left "menu" contains more items than the current
Debian, Blog, Micronews, Planet
  I would love to see most of the original structure reproduced OR add a switch
to more detailed arrangement closer the original layout.

Kind regards,

Martin Zouhar

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