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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

What is better on the new homepage:
 - Less links to very specific topics, they can go in sub-pages
 - More "modern" feeling

What is not as good as the previous homepage:
 - No short introduction sentence as to what Debian is (the previous
"Debian is a Free operating system...." was good - please don't remove
 - "The universal operating system" font in the banner (bad kerning)
 - Bad alignment (left column items don't align with the right column)
 - The slideshow pictures are not the same size hence on the first
image there are ugly white bars on top/bottom (and does it have to be
a slideshow?)
 - The icons are too large (main icons, and huge calendar icons). The
main icons are too close to the content/text.
 - I don't like the icon theme much (personal taste) - the choice for
each icon is also debatable (security is OK, the others... not so
- Gray/black download button doesn't look so good
- Hovering the icons displaces everything on the page (try moving your
mouse randomly over the page, everyhting starts shaking)
- There is no link to documentation

I'd say the idea is good but it needs more polish

Thanks for your work

Le lun. 7 oct. 2019 à 20:56, <lange@debian.org> a écrit :
> Hi all,
> before starting the translations of the new homepage I like to ask for review
> from native speakers. Following pages in the new-homepage branch
> (git@salsa.debian.org:webmaster-team/webwml.git) needs to be reviewed:
> english/index.wml             (complete rewrite)
> english/more.wml              (new page)
> english/intro/why_debian.wml  (I completely rewrote this page)
> You can see the new homepage at https://debian-newhomepage.larjona.net
> It would be nice to get some feedback.
> --
> regards Thomas

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