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Re: new Debian homepage: request for review

Hey all.

The text is fine to me, but the on smartphones the page look a bit odd. The sessions title font could be smaller and sans serif. I need to check on other phones, but the pictures are rendering ower the text. I understand that maybe phones are not pretty much the focus now, although we might need to check on them once in a while for quick searches.

Thank you so much for the job. It's getting really nice.


Em 7 de outubro de 2019 17:56:30 BRT, lange@debian.org escreveu:
Hi all,

before starting the translations of the new homepage I like to ask for review
from native speakers. Following pages in the new-homepage branch
(git@salsa.debian.org:webmaster-team/webwml.git) needs to be reviewed:

english/index.wml (complete rewrite)
english/more.wml (new page)
english/intro/why_debian.wml (I completely rewrote this page)

You can see the new homepage at https://debian-newhomepage.larjona.net
It would be nice to get some feedback.

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