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Re: Broken link - Debian Flyers


El 24/2/19 a las 1:44, Alban Vidal escribió:
> Dear team,
> I found a broken link in the following page (botom page):
> https://www.debian.org/events/materials/flyers/
> The correct link is the following:
> https://debian.pages.debian.net/debian-flyers/

I think that the file is README.html which is part of the
/events/materials folder which is present in www-master.debian.org but
not in Salsa. I have updated the link there, hopefully it will be online
in the next hours.

> I did not find this page on Salsa.

I think we should remove the "materials" folder from www-master, since
the page https://www.debian.org/events/material links indeed to the
debian-flyers pages in Salsa, and this "materials/" are only linked in
old News DPN (published in 2002/2003).

If these old materials should be kept, my proposal is that they are
hosted in the  https://debian.pages.debian.net/debian-flyers/ site
(perhaps as a tar.gz that people interested in historical versions can
download), and we update the links present in www.debian.org accordingly.

I've put a compressed file with all the current contents of
www.debian.org/events/materials in

Other option is to just remove everything and update the old links to
the current debian-flyers web page.


Laura Arjona Reina

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