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Re: Bug#904525: release-notes: Links to buster release notes don't work

Niels Thykier:
> Baptiste Jammet:
>> Hello all, 
>> (adding -release to Cc since they are "in charge" for the release notes)
>> Dixit Martin Michlmayr, le 12/02/2019 :
>>> Since the freeze has started, are there plans to get the release notes
>>> for buster published (even if only a draft)?
>> I think we are still trying to find time to do this !
>> Technically:
>> Do we create a branch for Stretch and use master for Buster,
>> or use a branch for Buster? (what's the use of master?)
>> I prefer the first solution.
> Ack, lets move along with using master for buster.  I have pushed a
> stretch branch now, so it can be used for the job.
>> In any case, -www should be asked to update cron/parts/7release-notes
>> to add the build for the website.
>> If nobody disagree or run faster, I can do it in the next few
>> days.
>> Thanks for the reminder.
>> Baptiste
> Is there a salsa repo for that ?  I might be tempted to do a MR for it
> if there is.
> Thanks,
> ~Niels


I got a reply on IRC and have now created a MR request here:


@Baptiste: Thanks for getting the ball rolling! :)


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