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Re: Renamed .gitlab-ci.yml to disable CI builds (at least for now)

-=| Wouter Verhelst, 27.11.2018 08:20:08 +0100 |=-
> Hi Laura,
> On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 09:27:19PM +0100, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> > Hello all
> > We've been told that the webwml CI builds in Salsa use too much
> > resources, affecting Salsa's ability to serve other users.
> That's not good, obviously.
> How are we overdoing it? E.g., are we using too many runners, or are we
> using too much space for artifacts?

Too many runners, I think. That's from #alioth:

    webwml starts about 20 builds in parallel, 20 times docker pull of 
    a large image, 20 times git pull of the not too small repo, this 
    produces a lot of load

    i asked them to disable the builds, as the result of those 
    builds are not used, not even to check for errors. and 
    breaking the concurrent build restriction to do nothing is 
    a bit bold

HTH to pinpoint the issue.

-- dam

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