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Renamed .gitlab-ci.yml to disable CI builds (at least for now)

Hello all
We've been told that the webwml CI builds in Salsa use too much
resources, affecting Salsa's ability to serve other users.

Currently the use of shared runners is disabled (see Settings > CI in
Salsa webwml project), and I have renamed the .gitlab-ci.yml file to
README_CI.gitlab-ci.yml and added an explanation inside the file (see
the paragraph added below):


+# Note about the name of this file: README_CI.gitlab-ci.yml
+# Automatic builds of the Debian website via Gitlab CI were setup during
+# September-October 2018 (see <20180914134901.GC29596@grep.be>
+# and <20181011191247.GA2733@grep.be> (and the corresponding threads in
+# debian-www mailing list) for context.
+# This file (when named .gitlab-ci.yml) builds the website both for English
+# and translations, and the result (the html files) can be browsed via
+# artifacts.
+# On November 2018 Salsa (Gitlab) settings for webwml project were set
to keep
+# artifacts 1 week (default was 4 weeks) in order to save space.
+# Unfortunately the builds use too much resources, affecting salsa's
+# to serve other users.
+# So the settings were tweaked again to disable the use of shared runners,
+# and this file has been renamed from .gitlab-ci.yml to
+# If you would like to enable Salsa's (GitLab's) CI builds for some test,
+# please contact the Debian web team, or you can rename this file
+# to its original name in your fork, and the CI build will run
+# in your Salsa account.

 - english
 - translations

As I state in the file, I think the setup is still useful, for example
to test things in personal forks (e.g. prior to MR or commit to the team
repo). Thanks again Wouter for making it possible!

We can also discuss in which cases it's reasonable to enable the CI
setup for the team repo, and how (apart of renaming the file back and

Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina

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