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Re: The Documentation Webpage for Each Debian Release?

Hello Rajib

El 25/9/18 a las 10:51, Susmita/Rajib escribió:
Dear Ms. Reina,

I apologise to appear persuasive, while my only intent is to further
clarify my requirements.

No problem :-)

I can of course have the "Debian Reference" manual for Wheezy from
packages, untar them and read them.

That was going to be my next suggestion (thanks Documentation team for the hint!).

But there appears to be no link to
the older online versions of the document.

It is understood that the older versions are not hosted any longer.
Only the current one is.

That's correct. Maybe you can get old versions using the wayback machine of archive.org, for example:


Not an issue.

I hope that I have been able to express myself better this time.

I sincerely apologise for causing confusion. May I please be forgiven.

No problem at all! Thanks for using Debian.

Kind regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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