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Re: Bug#900421: improve "wiki account creation delayed" message

On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 3:41 AM, Brian Potkin wrote:

> I have no idea what stress the wiki is under from people who wish to
> degrade its usability. I also have no idea how hard it is to prevent
> this happening or how effective the measures in place succeed in
> preventing it.

Spammers are continually attempting to sign up in order to add spam to
the wiki, same as any website with commenting or editing via accounts.
Before the system that Steve implemented, we had to revert lots of
spam every day. Now we have no spam at all being added to the wiki.
The cost of the new system is email ownership verification,
confirmation of being a human trying to contribute to the wiki (for
"spammy" signups) and read access being banned for spammy IPs (we need
help with fixing this last one). We have had spammers actually try to
get around the system by emailing us and asking for an account
(usually not many, one today, lots in one day at one point) like other
folks do. Generally we pick up on those before giving them an account
though, but I have failed at that at least once before IIRC.



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