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Debian Website

My name is Miguel and I live in Cuba. I work in the Health Technology University as a web developer and for almost 5 years i use in my laptop the Debian OS. Recently i redesign our institutional website (www.fatesa.sld.cu) and also our DebianOS blog website (www.fatesa.sld.cu/blogs/DebainOS), and i was thinking why not make a redesign of the original Debian website (https://www.debian.org).
Of course this is just a proposition and it will be free. I will be honored to make a new image for your website.
Miguel Alejandro Martinez Soler
Information Health Manager
Webdesigner, web developer and Graphic Designer

Este mensaje se ha enviado gracias a los servicios de correo de la
Facultad de Tecnología de la Salud. Gracias por usar nuestra red

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