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Bug#845297: Bug #845297: Website transition from CVS to Git

Hi Laura,

> 3.- Which are the next steps? (I guess attack the Perl scripts,

I'd love to help with those scripts but I'm afraid I lack the
experience of the translation team to understand what is that
needs to be done. I found the issues listed on the wiki page
WebsiteGitTransition, but I can't figure out the changes that
need to be made in the Perl scripts from those.

Thus, if someone could elaborate on the details I may provide
some code. In particular, I think it'd be best to split the
scripts from the translations in webwml repo, so they could
evolve separatedly and the scripts could be migrated to salsa

> or find a way of facilitating translators the work to keep
> translations in sync with the "english" folder). About this,
> I have some new ideas (not sure if they are good or silly. Just
> throwing them here for the case it rings a bell for anybody):
> * Maybe Gitlab CI can help to "generate a translator dashboard"
> in a simpler way than the scripts that currently create the
> pages of the type:
> https://www.debian.org/devel/website/stats/es

Gitlab Pages can be built in the CI and then published as

We build the former pkg-perl website using this feature:

You can see the build script is pretty straight forward:

> * I'll try to explore the integration with a Weblate instance.

I like the idea of using PO files for translating very much,
since I was member of the translations team for GNU website long
time ago. I would've loved to have something like Weblate...
Some time after I left, Yavor Doganov created GNUnited Nations,
also based on PO files, though it isn't packaged for Debian

Therefore, I think moving to PO files would be worth the effort
the sooner the better. Even if that means breaking the current
workflow for a while, it sure will help getting more people into
translating Debian texts.

Hope this helps,

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