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Bug#845297: Bug #845297: Website transition from CVS to Git


I have updated the "git cvsimport" conversion:


and uploaded a copy of that repo to my personal area in Salsa:


Then, I've run the other script, cvs2git, including the file with author data,
and uploaded to my personal area in Salsa too:


I have some questions:
1.- would the cvs2git script allow incremental updates? in case "yes", wouldn't
make more sense to avoid the extra commits related to the conversion? I'm
talking about these lines in the script:

git add .
git commit -m 'Add CVS to git conversion tool'
git revert --no-commit @
git commit -m 'Remove CVS to git conversion tool, done'

(or maybe comment them meanwhile we're just testing things, and add them when we
do the actual migration).

2.- Does anybody prefer that I upload this repo to
https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/webwml too?

3.- Which are the next steps? (I guess attack the Perl scripts, or find a way of
facilitating translators the work to keep translations in sync with the
"english" folder). About this, I have some new ideas (not sure if they are good
or silly. Just throwing them here for the case it rings a bell for anybody):

* Maybe Gitlab CI can help to "generate a translator dashboard" in a simpler way
than the scripts that currently create the pages of the type:

* I'll try to explore the integration with a Weblate instance. I think that
Weblate does not handle wml files, but maybe I can cheat it to make it think
that the files are HTML files, maybe we can make it handle the work of handling
sync/outdated translations from the git commits, automatically. Even if people
don't use weblate to translate properly, the dashboard can be useful. That's
plan Z for me, because weblate is not packaged in Debian, but maybe we can use
hosted.weblate.org temporarily meanwhile a better solution is found.

That's all from my side, for now!

Laura Arjona Reina

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