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Updating wiki front page with softWaves theme for Stretch

Hi list,

I’ve updated the wiki FronPages with the new softWaves theme for all
languages that seemed to have recent activity.
I’ve also updated the right side list of versions and dates when it was
Please have a look at [0] in your language and feel free to check /
update / fix.

I did 3 tries so there are 3 images attached to the FrontPage.
You may remove attachments:
- softWaves_wiki_banner.png
- softWaves_wiki_banner_v2.png
which are not used but I don’t have rights to delete.

The SVG source for the image is in desktop-base repo where other
elements of the theme live [1].
If you feel like making changes I can commit them there to keep it sync.
If you prefer to keep it somewhere else that’s fine too and I’ll
probably remove it from here to avoid duplicates.

[0] https://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage


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