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Re: Using sha512 checksum for default in CD/verify page

On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 07:57:06PM +0200, Holger Wansing wrote:
>Stéphane Blondon <stephane.blondon@gmail.com> wrote:
>> After checking in the archive, MD5 checksum only is for very old releases:
>> v.7: SHA512, SHA256, SHA1, MD5
>> v.6: SHA512, SHA256, SHA1, MD5
>> v.5: SHA1, MD5
>> v.4: SHA1, MD5
>> v.3.1: MD5
>> So what do you think about:
>> '''
>> For CD releases older than Debian 6, you have to use the
>> <code>sha1sum</code> or <code>md5sum</code> tools, depending which
>> checksums have been generated for that releases.
>> '''
>Sounds good.
>(maybe it has to be "..., depending on which checksums ..." ?)

To be honest, it might just be easier to go back and generate better
checksums for the older releases. It won't take too long, and would
simplify the docs and make it easier for users. How does that sound?

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