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re: /webwml/english/intro/organization.data r1.537

as the commit introduced new string,
so you should do 
  make gen-templates.pot 
in english/po directory
otherwise most translators will not aware the new string to translate

  as this process is often forgotten (perhaps not well known),
  this should be documented somewhere if not yet, saying like:
  if you have added string for gettext 
  (<gettext domain="[DOMAIN]">[STRING]</gettext>)
  check if the file is listed in appropriate [DOMAIN]_FILES
  in english/po/Makefile, and add if not listed, then run
  make gen-templates.pot in english/po directory;
  otherwise most translators will not aware the new string to translate.

--- organization.data	2016/05/29 05:24:06	1.536
+++ organization.data	2016/06/17 11:30:30	1.537
@@ -335,6 +335,7 @@
     <member>Enrico Zini<delegate_male>
     <member>Joerg Jaspert<delegate_male>
     <member>Jonathan Wiltshire<delegate_male>
+    <note <gettext domain="organization">To send a private message to all DAMs, use the GPG key 57731224A9762EA155AB2A530CA8D15BB24D96F2.</gettext>>
   <job <a name="keyring" href="http://keyring.debian.org/";><gettext domain="organization">Keyring Maintainers (PGP and GPG)</gettext></a>> <genericemail keyring-maint@debian.org> <delegationmail 20131226104228.GD9708@xanadu.blop.info>
     <member>Gunnar Wolf<delegate_male>
     <member>Jonathan McDowell<delegate_male>

no need to CC me :-)

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