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List of Leads

Would you be interested in acquiring Bussiness List or Industry specific Contacts list?
Our strength is to build lists to match your desired market specifications
Data Filed:  We provide information like Name, Title, Email, Phone and company details.
We also expertise in:
Email appending, Data appending, contact appending, data cleansing.
Telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation.
Website development, Redesigning, Graphic Designing,
Website Maintenance
Email template creation
SEO (Complete set up, visitors tracking tools, on page optimization, off page optimization) 6-7 month subscription/ contract base.
Software Development etc..

Please let me know if you need more information and we can discuss further steps.

Marketing Consultant
RJ Leads| List acquisition | Technology Lists | Email/Data Appending | Search Engine Optimization |
If you don't want to include yourself in our mailing list, please reply back "RE: Opt Out" in a subject line 

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