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broken links, German Debian handbook 'Das Debian Administrationshandbuch'

Dear Sir or Madam,

this message is made short (especially because the current state
regarding quality and correctness of my usage of the English language
has been unproven for many years).

Because of this I beg Your pardon, but hopefully You will be able to
get the message correctly.

Your website 'www.debian.org' has been visited from a German location.
Visiting 'https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-handbook/' to read
the manual, that is in German translation titled 'Das Debian
Administrationshandbuch', there has been some seemingly broken links

The seemingly broken links of the contents are '6.6. Von einer Stable
Distribution auf die nächste
'6.6.1. Empfohlene
and '6.6.2. Problembehandlung nach einer

A similiar problem is occurring also regarding the links refering to
'6.6.' from '6.5.' while visiting '6.5.' and the links refering to
'6.6.2.' from '6.7.' while visiting '6.7.'.

Maybe this mail is not written and send to You in vain, because You
find yourself able to understand this mail, that was written in the
best interest und empowered with the best will to actually communicate
something to You to make it understandable for You.

If not and if You are still not able to understand this text because
You might find it to cryptic, I do write a phrase for a second time,
because I am quite certain and convinced, that this it might be
definitely correct and understandable, hoping to meat Your
understanding and hoping to soothe You:

I beg Your pardon!  Sorry!  I am sorry!

To assure You of the sincerity of the whole mail, I also might write,
that I am not joking at all.

I do hope, that this might be of some kind of help to You.

Best regards
Mirko Kaltschmidt

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