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Bug#816159: www.debian.org: new introduction for blends page

Hi Paul,

On 05/03/16 07:28, Paul Wise wrote:
>> I've committed the first paragraph and the changes to the second one
>> that were missed.

I have removed the first paragraph that you added. I agree with Charles
entirely. If you still feel that it doesn't make sense to jump into
directly, then it needs further review from debian-l10n-english. The
first paragraph should explain what Pure Blends are, the one you have
given would perhaps be useful for a more extended description of blends
that could perhaps live at /blends/about in the future.

Ana is new to contributing to Debian and I would ask that you do not
just commit over her commits, if you have any further changes you would
like we can reopen the bug and discuss them.


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