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Developer Locations Issue


I'm working on a script that produces KML from the list of Debian Developer
locations. I'm taking this list from
https://www.debian.org/devel/developers.coords as it looks to be the easiest
place to grab an anonymised list.

This list looks to be copied to the webserver by the script at 

From IRC:

> bigeasy ╡ but the data seems wrong, since there is "+47.67 +9.17" which I
>         ╡ can't find in db.d.o
>       ∟ ╡ however, after I updated my coordinates they were there in the
>         ╡ next run
>       ∟ ╡ and those coodinates are probably from Guide Günther bevore he
>         ╡ moved
>       ∟ ╡ but now he has none, so that might be the source of the bug
>       ∟ ╡ and I have to go now, later…

Any ideas?



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