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awful website makes it hard to even send a donation

I love the Debian project and I have benefitted from it a great deal over the past 15 years as a scientist.

I went to the Debian website to make a small donation and I was astonished by how user-unfriendly and how difficult to navigate it was. Sure, one can jump from page to page but the contents of those pages are just awful. Has anyone behind the scenes try them out on a new visitor?

For example: "There are many ways to contact us. This list is by no means exhaustive." And then on and on it goes, page after page of drivel!! Are you people totally out of your minds?? (Sorry! but that is the reaction your web pages provoke.)

I still made a donation through Debian France - because that was the only site that had a bit of sensibility about it and because I am still grateful for all Debian has done for me over the years. But please, if you can, try and create a more user-friendly website. Hire a consultant for goodness sake! I mean that sincerely and with admiration and gratitude.



Dr Steven Homolya

Department of Physics

La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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