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Who's using Debian?

Hi debian-www list,

Please accept my submission for who's using debian.

1. DeliveryHero Holding GmbH, IT System Operations, Berlin, Germany
2. commercial
3. www.pizza.de
4. The platform originally was designed by different owners but there was an ownership transfer and now it is maintained by us. It has always based on Debian. We love Debian because of its flexibility, ease of maintenance and the fact that there are lots of available software which pass through internal Q&A. Also, it is free of vendors' restrictions. The number of workstations/servers are ~30/400 including physical and virtual machines.

You can validate us by sending an email to one of the following email addresses:

root -at- pizza -dot- de
sysadmin -at- pizza -dot- de
noc -at- pizza -dot- de

Kind regards,
Miklos Quartus
Linux System Engineer
DeliveryHero, pizza.de platform

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