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Re: commercial code Vs Commercial software

I see what you mean now, thanks for clarification! IMO, commercial
code is simply code of commercial software. Free code and proprietary
code can be defined similarly as well. I am showing an counter example
that RHEL is "made up" of commercial code but is free software at the
same time. Does this answer your question?


On 27/10/2015, Mehrdad Linux <mehrdadlinux@gmail.com> wrote:
> thanks for your answer
> maybe you don't read my email :D
> look at title
> read this paragraph carefully
>  Distribution of source code. One of the problems with most commercial code
> is that you can't fix bugs or customize it since the source code is not
> available. Also, the company may decide to stop supporting the hardware you
> use. Many free licenses force the distribution of the source code. This
> protects the user by allowing them to customize the software for their
> needs.
> RHEL source code are available and you can fix the bug and .....
> i know free software can be Commercial software but what is the commercial
> code?
> why commercial code can't fix bugs or customize it since the source code is
> not available
> my question is what is difference between
> 1 : commercial code
> 2 : Commercial software
> 3 : proprietary software
> i know difference of Commercial software proprietary software my question
> is what is commercial code?

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