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Re: commercial code Vs Commercial software


Indeed, RHEL is FOSS and commercial at the same time. How do the others think?


On 26/10/2015, Mehrdad Linux <mehrdadlinux@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi
> in page What Does Free Mean? <https://www.debian.org/intro/free.en.html>
> in paragraph 6 part 3
> write
> Distribution of source code. One of the problems with most commercial code
> is that you can't fix bugs or customize it since the source code is not
> available. Also, the company may decide to stop supporting the hardware you
> use. Many free licenses force the distribution of the source code. This
> protects the user by allowing them to customize the software for their
> needs.
> i can not find any source about commercial code i know freesoftware
> can be Commercial
> software but what is the commercial code?
>  i check wikipedia  <javascript:void(0)> but still have problem
> i think if we write  proprietary software it is beter
> thanks

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