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Re: Complaint about 2 of 3 India vendors

2015/08/15 21:52, Vaidheeswaran C:
> Hello


> I live in India and I wanted to get Debian 8.1 binary images.  I got in touch
> with the following two vendors (See https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#in) and
> requested them to send me the images.  I was willing to pay for the service. 
> Unfortunately, both these vendors have failed to honor my request.  (It is
> almost a month since they took my request)

When you say, they "failed to honor my request", do you mean you
contacted them. May you elaborate please. I will contact them

> I request you to kindly warn these vendors or at your discretion remove these
> entries.

Thanks for the warnings,


	Alexandre Delanoë (anoe)

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