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best russian doc of the year won in Ukraine

Title: best russian doc of the year won in Ukraine
Hi there, dear colleague.

We hasten to share important news with you

The winner of the DOCUDAYS UA 2015: "Together" (film was awarded the russian documentary "oscar" before - The Lavr Award of 2014)

12th International documentary film festival DOCUDAYS UA has ended in Kyiv. 

Films were competing for prizes in three categories: DOCU/LIFE, DOCU/RIGHT, DOCU/SHORT, and for the special prize from Students’ Jury. 
The festivals’ Orzanizing Committee favorite is awarded with the Andriy Matrosov Award.

DOCU/LIFE  Main Prize – TOGETHER  by Denis Shabaev - conceptual doc (2014, Russia, Marina Razbezhkina Studio, 52 min)

details and trailer: 

For innovation, inspiration and character development. The film is created in a restricted yet original way, and successfully explores storytelling from a child’s point of view. The characters are allowed to develop both personally and in relation to each other with great warmth and humor. The winner is a true inspiration to all aspiring filmmakers. It’s extremely hard to make something look this easy.

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